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Villager Stories
Lifting As We Climb

We invite you to binge watch these inspiring stories. We invite you to share the videos ands stories with your families and communities! We believe in the importance of sharing our back stories and inviting others to do the same! What is your back story? How can you use elements of your story to inspire others? Let’s start now! Email us at VillagerAwards@gmail.Com with your inspirational story.

Lifting as we Climb

Saundra Johnson-2022 Villager Awards

Autrilla Scott Family- Part 1

Autrilla Scott Family- Part 2

Colonel Stephanie Dawson

Carol Head - Part 2

Kim Prince Part 2

Meet Sherri Sanders

Meet Dr. Lucille Rayford RN

2015 Reflections

Saundra Johnson- Part 2

Jimmy Carter- Part 1

Jimmy Carter- Part 2

Still Grounded in Vision and Mission

Nurses Volunteering in Ghana- Reflections

2014 Villager Memories

We Have Scholars Within

2016 Villager Award Nominees

Creating a “Village of Mentors”

2015 Villaagers

Expanding Diversity Dialogues

Meet Janis Kearney

Kim Prince- Part 1

Meet LT. Colonel Patricia Kelley

Meet Margaret Bush Ware

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