"Standing" in the Gap helps to narrow the Gap! It is now time to Stand up! email villageprojects@aol.com for more information.
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The Village P.r.o.j.e.c.t.s
Afram Global Organization Inc Welcomes You to:
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Standing in The Gap
Bridge The Gaps With Village Projects Initiatives


Bridge the Gaps!

Mission Statement
*To foster nurturing environments where individuals from disparate backgrounds can coalesce and learn from each other, enriching their own lives and their communities while preserving the richness of their individual cultures.*
In this transformative era, we acknowledge the gaping void that many first-generation college students and graduates from underprivileged backgrounds face; a lack of guidance and connections that could lead them to a plethora of opportunities. Have you ever said to a first generation college student: “Let me be your first generation?” Now is the time for you to “Stand in The Gap?” 
Standing in The Gap Projects
Understanding this crucial need, the Standing in The Gap Projects were birthed to complement the ongoing Village Projects. It aims to facilitate relationships and connections that would otherwise remain unexplored due to the restraints of circumstance.
By bridging these gaps, we aspire to:
- **Assist** individuals from underprivileged groups to successfully apply to and complete their college education.
- **Encourage** students and faculty from these groups to bring their unique perspectives and the needs of their communities to collegiate dialogues and policy discussions.
- **Help** these individuals gain access to critical information, experiences, and connections that would propel them into roles of leadership and influence, fostering a positive change in underserved communities.
Are you ready to play a pivotal role in someone's life, to stand in the gap and be a guiding light? Reach out and let's make a difference together.
- Need Assistance?
- Interested in Speaking about your history and/or positive experiences?
- Ready to “Stand in The Gap”?” 
  Email Villagerawards@gmail.Com 
Support Our Cause
AframGlobal Organization Inc is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, endorsed by the US Internal Revenue Service. Your donations are more than just funds; they are investments in the future of individuals striving to carve out a path for themselves in society.
*Contribute Today*](https://www.nfggive.com/guidestar/20-0578346)
Together, we can bridge the gap, creating a world rife with opportunities for everyone, irrespective of their background. Let's empower the leaders of tomorrow, today.