The Community misses your knowledge, unless you bring it back! We need "Scholars Within" to learn from the community and to share what you know with the community. The Communities know...and we listen to them!
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Afram Global Organization Inc Welcomes You to:
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Scholars Within- Unveiling Brillance!
Become a 'true' scholar-practitioner!
,**Unveiling the Brilliance of "Scholars Within"**
“*Reconnecting Scholars and Communities**
Embark on an enlightening journey with "Scholars Within," a pioneering initiative designed to bridge the gap between scholarly research and the communities most influenced by the discoveries made. **We believe in the transformational power of connecting communities with the brilliant minds steering groundbreaking research.**
“Why- Scholars Within?” 
1. **Mentored Local Research Projects:** We introduce communities to the vital research being carried out by African-American and African Diaspora master’s and doctoral students, fostering a symbiotic relationship grounded in understanding and collaboration.
2. **Inspiring Future Generations:** We are sowing seeds of inspiration, encouraging more young individuals to pursue higher education and to become the torchbearers of tomorrow’s groundbreaking discoveries.
3. **Bringing Research Home:** Our initiative ensures that the fruits of research reach the communities most likely to be influenced by the findings, creating a cycle of awareness and empowerment.
4. **Community Engagements:** Through community-relevant poster presentations and talks, we bring the complex world of research to lay audiences, demystifying the vital work carried out by scholars.

**Scholars Within Spotlight Inaugural Launch” 
In the 2017 Villager Awards, we were honored to showcase the remarkable research undertaken by scholars including Dr. Gina Nelson-Newton, Dr. Calista Kelly, and Dr. Talisa Sullivan, opening a window into the dynamic world of research and its potential impact on communities. The audience  loved it and the questions and comments expanded the impact. 
 **Get Involved**
Are you a scholar, a graduate student, or a mentor eager to make a tangible difference in communities? We invite you to be a part of this vibrant ecosystem of knowledge and empowerment. 
- **Scholars:** Share your pioneering research with those it affects most, including policy-makers, community leaders, and lay audiences.
- **Mentors:** Play a pivotal role in nurturing budding researchers, connecting them to communities where their research can foster the most change.
**Connect with us and be a part of this transformation: [](**
“*Support Our Mission**
"Scholars Within" operates under the auspices of the Afram Global Organization Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization recognized by the US IRS.
[Support us through your generous donations and let’s build bridges of understanding and collaboration, one research project at a time.](
*Join “Scholars Within” and be a catalyst in removing the veil that often obscures the vital connections between scholars and communities. Let’s shine a light on the path of knowledge, understanding, and communal growth.*