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Activities > Standing in The Gap - Announcing Innovative Arts In Residence Program
Standing in The Gap - Announcing Innovative Arts In Residence Program
Another Collaborative Venture
Senya Beraku, Ghana -- Sep 19, 2023 --
Bellflower, Ca.-  On September 20, 2023, AframGlobal Organization Inc. and Village Projects Initiatives proudly announce their groundbreaking NGO  collaboration with Becky's Foundation- Senya Beraku, Ghana  to launch an innovative arts-in-residence pilot program. This visionary initiative is set to revolutionize global artistic collaboration and enrich the lives of children at the orphanage and at the new Christian Atsu education center.
Inspired by the vision of 2023 AframGlobal Organization Inc Volunteer Mama Janet Peterson, and fueled by the boundless enthusiasm of the children at Becky’s Home, this endeavor seeks to create a vibrant, nurturing space for young minds to flourish.
Teaming up with the renowned Becky’s Foundation (BeckysFoundation.org), the collaboration aims to bridge gaps and bring seasoned artists from across the globe to co-learn with, interact with, and inspire the community. Together, they will cultivate a reservoir of experiences, knowledge, and skills, enriching the hearts of all involved.
The arts-in-residence pilot program is designed to be a fertile ground where creativity and education intertwine. It offers children a unique platform to not only explore their artistic talents but also to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and art forms. This program is poised to become a wellspring of creativity, nurturing young minds to emerge as the visionaries of tomorrow.
To transform this noble vision into reality, we extend an invitation to Philanthropists/patrons of the arts, other supporters, sponsors, and global artists to unite in crafting and funding a mosaic of artistic endeavors that speak the universal language of love, creativity, and harmony. Artists eager to share their knowledge and collaborate on this groundbreaking project are encouraged to reach out for additional information. Participation in this inaugural pilot project will be by invitation only.
For further details, please contact us via email at VillagerAwards@gmail.com, with the subject line “RFP - Artists in Residence Pilot Program,” for seamless communication.
Together, let's weave the tapestry of education with threads of creativity and hues of inspiration. Let us paint strokes of knowledge and skills for a brighter, more colorful future for the young stars at the orphanage and education center.
For comprehensive information about the visionary minds and vision behind this initiative, please visit BeckysFoundation.org.
AframGlobal Organization Inc. and Village Projects Initiatives are dedicated to empowering communities through innovative educational and developmental initiatives. They foster an environment where dreams take flight, and potentials are realized to the fullest.
Dr. Gloria Willingham-Toure’ PhD
CEO, AframGlobal Organization Inc. / Founder, Village Projects Initiatives
Website: www.Villageprojects.net
Email: VillagerAwards@gmail.com
Subject Line: RFP - Artists in Residence Pilot Program
Ghana Press Contact:
Seth Asiedu, Executive Director Becky’s Foundation
Email: SethAsiedu@yahoo.Com
website: www.BeckysFoundation.org
Nathaniel Atkepetei - Communications and Journalism Intern