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Activities > AframGlobal Organization Inc. and VillageProjects Celebrate Octogenarian Volunteer.
AframGlobal Organization Inc. and VillageProjects Celebrate Octogenarian Volunteer.
Mrs. Janet Peterson During Historic Visit to Senya Beraku, Ghana
Senya Beraku, Ghana -- Sep 15, 2023 --



SENYA BERAKU, GHANA - The AframGlobal Organization Inc/. VillageProjects initiatives in partnership with Becky’s  Foundation salutes Mrs. Janet Peterson, known fondly as “Mama Janet,” who, at the age of 87, has made history as the eldest individual to volunteer with the organizations'  initiatives in Ghana.


 Mama Janet’s rich background, which saw her nurturing her formative years on the Prairie View A&M University campus, and later graduating from Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina, has fueled her longstanding advocacy for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the USA. She has continuously grabbed every chance to impart the pivotal role HBCUs play in the American higher education landscape.


During her momentous journey, the children and staff at the Beckys Home/ orphanage and The Christian Atsu Educational Center  warmly embraced her effervescent spirit. Throughout the month, Mama Janet radiated unyielding enthusiasm, forging beautiful and everlasting bonds rooted in mutual respect and affection. “Her vivacity was not only palpable but became a source of inspiration for everyone she met,” said a spokesperson for the initiative.


A collection of photo memories, showcasing memorable glimpses of Mama Janet’s time spent in Senya Beraku, has been lovingly curated and will be shared to celebrate this extraordinary journey. The public is invited to stay tuned as Mama Janet gears up to share the many heartwarming stories fostered during her time in Ghana.


We extend our deepest gratitude to Mama Janet, acknowledging her as a beacon of wisdom, resilience, and spirit. Her participation in the 2023 initiatives has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on all involved, while echoing the central ethos of the AframGlobal Organization Inc. and VillageProjects — fostering unity, education, and empowerment through hands-on involvement and community building.


Bravo, Mrs. Peterson. Your story is a testimony to the unlimited potential and vibrancy that every age brings to the table, inspiring all generations to engage actively in global communities with heart, wisdom, and vigor.



*About AframGlobal Organization Inc. and VillageProjects*

AframGlobal Organization Inc. and VillageProjects are committed to nurturing diverse communities through a range of initiatives aimed at fostering education, empowerment, and unity. Together, they strive to create environments where every individual, irrespective of age, can make a significant and heartfelt contribution.