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Registered Nurses: Making A Difference
Psi Eta Chapter, Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc Received Villager Award
Long Beach, Ca. -- May 30, 2022 -- PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release May 30, 2022 Contact: AframGlobal Organization Inc VillagerAwards@gmail.com 562-895-9205 Honoring Nurses Making a Difference As the United States came to the end of National Nurses Month 2022, we were reminded of the theme “You Make A Difference!” AframGlobal Organization brought that theme alive and in living color at the 2022 Villager Awards. Among this year's honorees were the Registered Nurses(RNs) of Psi Eta Chapter, Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc. Members were introduced to the national audience attending the event both remotely and on-site. While these RNs are active contributors and leaders in various community-based programs and projects, their history is often not known and their faces unrecognized in the general population. This all changed as the group was publicly recognized. Members came dressed in their traditional Green and Yellow sorority colors. For many persons in the audience this was the first time they had been exposed to RNs with a commitment to “Service for Humanity,” well beyond the requirements of a job- extending into work with underserved communities. Psi Eta Chapter was chartered in Long Beach, California on June 21, 1991 and has remained active for the past 31 years without interruption. Joan McKinley RN, BSN, MS and Dr. Gloria Willingham-Toure’ PhD, RN two of the three remaining active charter members were present at the event. Chapter President, Dr. Lucille Rayford RN, PhD introduced the group to the audience and shared information about the impactful history of the organization. Members of this organization include history-making RN’s in almost every segment of the nursing profession including: The First Black Director of Nursing at the LA County Public Health Department, The First Black RN to serve as the Chief Nursing Education and Research at the VAMC, Long Beach; the first Black RN Fulbright Scholar in Long Beach and surrounding areas; The first Black Professor Emeritus at Mount San Antonio College; The first Black Nurse to serve as a Director of Medical Courses at one of the nation’s largest US Army Reserve Schools; The first Black Nurse in Long Beach and surrounding areas to graduate from the US Army War College/ascend to the rank of Colonel and serve in an active war zone; etc. In addition to these historic firsts, the membership also includes RN’s with expertise gained while serving as Senior administrators, advisory Board Members, and/or faculty at local colleges and universities (Charles Drew University, CSULB, Mount San Antonio College, East LA College, Long Beach City College, etc). The membership also includes RNs with clinical expertise in psychiatric nursing, operating room nursing, community health, ICU, COVID care, and various other clinical specialties. Barbara Napper, immediate past chapter president and currently in charge of new member recruitment stated that while the chapter was launched by this historic group of Black RN’s the membership is by invitation only and is now open to any Registered Nurse with a sincere commitment to “Service for Humanity,” and particularly to providing that service to underserved communities. Interested RNs were encouraged to email superb327@gmail.com. For additional information about Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc, see: www.https://chietaphi.org