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Activities > Renowned Southern California Sculptor, Manuelita Brown, to Receive a
Renowned Southern California Sculptor, Manuelita Brown, to Receive a
Lift as we Climb!
Long Beach, CA. -- Apr 17, 2015 --

Manuelita Brown is fast becoming one of the most well-known sculptors in the United States.

On May 1, 2015, this amazing woman is being recognized with a “Villager Award.” This Award is presented annually to persons who have made a difference in the African-American Community by returning their talents to the community.

Manuelita brings the connections between the world of mathematics and the world of art to the imaginable view of young people. She has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Psychology. She devoted thirty years of her professional life to fostering an enthusiasm for mathematics to the many students who were in her classrooms. She later embarked on a second career in post-secondary education first as the Director of Honors Achievement Workshops at UCSD, supporting students who were studying science and engineering; and later as the coordinator of courses focusing on learning and life strategies. 

She describes Sculpture as her third career. This third career brought together all that she has learned in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and life into her Sculptures.

Manuelita Brown is applauded for her commitment to telling history through sculptures. Her amazing sculpture of Sojourner Truth is now in its permanent home on the Campus of UCSD’s Marshall College. The completion and installation of this sculpture was a decade long dream realized with the support of many people including family, friends and donors who believed in the project from it's beginning. With that foundation and a team of skilled people and encouragement ... the bronze statue of Sojourner Truth stands proudly for all to see on the campus of UCSD. Her dream is to develop even more commissioned sculptures, conceptualized collaboratively, and commemorating the persons who are making a difference everyday... Their history can be displayed for generations to come in the bronze statues that she creates.

This renaissance woman is a wife,mother, and renowned artist. She and her husband Dr. Willie C. Brown, UCSD Professor Emeritus have been married for 55 years. They are the parents of two sons, and grandparents to two granddaughters. Her life experiences in all these realms inform her goal “to create long-lasting monuments to the countless people that contribute to great moments in history as well as to create moments of known historical people...” She finds the greatness in all who are around her and reflects that greatness in her sculptures.... She is making a difference in many lives: “Lifting as she climbs!”

Manuelita Brown and her husband will be introduced at the 2015 Villager Awards. Her story will be shared with the audience as source of inspiration and opportunity. See www.villageprojects.net and/or email villagerawards2015@villageprojects.net for additional information and tickets.


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