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Activities > Mentor Moments: Introducing Randall "Randy" Sullivan RN
Mentor Moments: Introducing Randall "Randy" Sullivan RN
Long Beach, California -- Oct 29, 2012 --

Ms. Randall "Randy" Sullivan RN was the first Skin Integrity Nurse at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Long Beach, California. She blazed the trail for others to follow. She was actively involved in the historic study and use of Maggots to treat  pressure ulcers in spinal cord injury patients, assisting Dr. Ron Sherman.  Realizing the importance of good skin care to health, she often demonstrated good skin care to local groups. She has been an active participant in health fairs providing screening services to Long Beach residents for over 20 years. She inspires a new generation of Registered Nurses often providing insights gained through years of dedicated practice. Although she retired from nursing practice many years ago, she continues to mentor, encourage, and motivate others.  The Village P.r.o.j.e.c.t.s salutes her on behalf of The Village of Mentors.