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August, 2019

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Let us help you build your cross-cultural resume to include a new dimension. Help yourself while helping others! Learn while teaching!  We are  committed to increasing the numbers of African-Americans, persons of African Descent throughout the African Diaspora, and others volunteering on the African continent. It is through our volunteer efforts we learn from, and with, each other.

As time goes on it is our vision to prepare others from across the diaspora to strategically create and lead groups of volunteers to various countries around the world; and conversely to various underserved communities here in the USA. ... This is just one way of creating positive learning networks relative to bridging cultural, economic and other gaps. As one person stated when we were in Ghana: "It is not how you can change [Ghana] , but how what you learn in [Ghana] can change you. We all have so much to learn from each other."

 The "2014 Village P.r.o.j.e.c.t.s. Volunteer in Ghana" group experienced ten days of learning and working with international colleagues from Canada, Italy, Spain, Wales, Turkey and USA. We were a part of the IVHQ Turquoise volunteer group at Becky's Orphanage, School, and Daycare Center; and at the Community Health Clinic in Senya, Beraku, Ghana in the Volta Region. Villagers included Dolly Strader Woodson (California) and her daughter, Medina Foreman (Virginia); Emma Quinn (California), Carol Head (New York and Albequerque, NM); and Village P.r.o.j.e.c.t.s. founder- Dr. Gloria Willingham-Toure'. There were a total of 15 volunteers at the site during our time there. The Village P.r.o.j.e.c.t.s was applauded for bringing the largest group ever of African-American and mature volunteers to the site. Participants received certificates of award from the Director for their contributions and learning experiences. 

Joining the 2015 Volunteer group was Linda Richardson a distiinguished nonprofit executive and philantrophy/development professional. Her learning experiences while in Ghana has resulted in the development of a campaign "From Neighborhood to Village" in which two nonprofits are joining together and transposing the knowledge gained from the experience in Ghana into strategies for bringing neighborhoods together in support of each other here in the USA.  

Carol Head RN, MSN, a distinguished RN spent one year after returning from Ghana securing donations for the small Community Health Clinic in Senya.  She was able to provide much needed blood pressure cuffs, and a completely furbished bili-bed for newborns. Carol is now the lead volunteer in charge of our placements of volunteers in the Community Health Clinic. She brings years of international experience and knowledge in such settings.  

Mark your calendars now!  We will return to Ghana in August, 2018. Email for information on sponsorship opportunities. Include in the subject line: "First Generation Sponsorships/Donations."  

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