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Connect With The Cambodian Community -March 7, 2006 Workshop
Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership Offices, 3635 Atlantic Avenue -- Mar 7, 2006 -- Hello all:

Re: March 7 Workshop
      "Connect with the Cambodian Community"

Presented by Sophois Sokhom and Conor Weir, active members of the Cambodian
Community, workshop participants will obtain valuable insight on how to
better connect and serve this vital community.

Date: Tuesday, March 7
Time: 9 am to 12 noon
Fees: $30 LBNP members; $45 non-members

Place:  LBNP Offices:  3635 Atlantic Avenue

Pre-registration required via phone,email: or website,

Best regards,

John Glaza
Consulting Services Director
Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership
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