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The Village P.r.o.j.e.c.t.s Congratulates Bishop Tyler-Guidry
Aug 24, 2006 -- The Village P.r.o.j.e.c.t.s sends heartfelt congratulations to Bishop Carolyn Tyler Guidry for her work in expanding services to underserved populations in the Carribbean, and for bringing us all to a fuller awareness of our responsibility to humanity worldwide. Listed below is a a synopsis of Bishop Guidry's initiatives: P.I.E. (Priorities In Empowerment) is the Plan envisioned by Bishop Tyler Guidry in 2004 that seeks to bring economic self sufficiency to the countries and communities that the African Methodist Episcopal Churches serve in the Caribbean region. Highlights of the Plan include: ? Economic Empowerment Programs in Guyana, a chickaree farm has shown profit in one year and increased employment by two; thus teaching the congregation to utilize business to support the church and its members. ? Educational Empowerment through home-based higher educational opportunities for the pastors, provided by professors brought over from Payne Theological Seminary. ? Operational Support,books & Supplies for empowering the programs of primary schools and funds for the expansion of new schools. ? A Girl’s Hostel operated by the AME Church for girls from the interior of Suriname, where there are no schools allowing them a safe habitat. Funded a vegetable garden for food which now produces enough for sale to provide income toward support for the school. ? Intercontinental and Connectional linkages in the USA via educational travel opportunities to motivate youth, lay leadership, and clergy to expand their knowledge and training and create viable partnerships. ? Affordable Housing construction in Trinidad to assist with the Country’s challenge to provide housing. Continued efforts to build and rehabilitate adequate housing is a problem for all of the countries in the 16th District. For more information call: Bishop Carolyn Tyler Guidry 323/ 574-4332 or Celestine Palmer, Administrative Assistant to the Bishop 323/293-5948 or 213-361-5038 Donations should be forwarded to the Office of the 16th Episcopal District-AME Church and addressed as follows: Bishop Carolyn Tyler Guidry 1968 W. Adams Blvd., Suite #314 Los Angeles CA, 90018

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