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Villager News > Robert “Bobby” McDonald - Distinguished MC and Co-host 2019 Villager Awards

“Lifting as we Climb!”

BREAKING NEWS! Who’s in your village? “Lifting as we Climb!” Robert “Bobby McDonald - Returns as the Distinguished MC and co-host Of The Villager Awards! The Man! The Myth! The Legend! His reputation as a community leader, a national influencer, and one who passionately embraces the concept of “Lifting as we Climb” precedes him. It was this commitment to using his many talents in service to others that led to his being chosen as the recipient of a 2015 Villager Award. Mentoring others, building networks, connecting with communities, and sharing his many talents to empower success in others is a way of life for this man. He is the Executive Director Of The Orange County Black Chamber, and The Black Chamber Education Fund. He is a Life Member Of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc..He is a member of the PBS Board of Directors, and Executive Producer Of The Documentary Film - “Building The Dream: The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Monument. “ Bobby, a US Navy Vietnam Veteran was selected as the 2016 Veteran Small Business Champion Of The Year by The US Small Business Administration. He is also a descendent of an original Buffalo Soldier, and an active member of the historic 9th and 10th Buffalo Soldier Horse Calvary Association. We will spotlight different aspects of the life of Bobby McDonald weekly as we approach the May 25th Villager Awards Luncheon Gala. Stay tuned and join us welcoming him back to the Villager Awards on Saturday, May 25th! The excitement is Growing! Get your Tickets today:

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