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Villager News > Meet Bennett Belle Janet Peterson- A 2019 Villlager Award Honoree

Janet Peterson Uplifts HBCU’s

Who’s in your village? “Lifting as we Climb!” Meet the dynamic Mrs. Janet Peterson - A 2019 Villager Award Honoree! Janet was literally born and raised on the campus of what is now Prairie View A and M to Academic Parents. Perhaps it is this early highly visible public life that provided her with a natural way of interacting with persons from diverse backgrounds while at the same time proudly sharing stories of her roots. She is a proud Bennett Belle who consistently finds ways in which to support the success of today’s young women. Most recently the Janet Daley Peterson Scholarship was established in her honor By the Caribbean Heritage Organization. The inaugural gala attracted wide support from leaders throughout Southern California. Since her retirement as a distinguished leader in the LA Job Corps movement, Janet has committed herself to community service. She is not only an example of one who “Lifts as we Climb,” she is an inspirational thought leader filled with impactful ideas, and one who makes mentoring a way of life. Join us in celebrating and honoring Janet Peterson on Saturday May 25, 2019 at the Annual Villager Awards at the beautiful Hilton Long Beach Hotel. #LiftAsWeClimb #AnnualVillagerAwards #BennettCollegeAlumni #PrairieViewAandMAlumni #HBCU #CarribbeanHeritageAssociation 2019 Annual Villager Awards GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS AND SPONSORED TABLES AVAILABLE NOW: at:

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