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Villager News > Announcing The 2019 Annual Villager Awards Honorees

“Lifting as we Climb!”

The 2019 Annual Villager Awards is one of the Premier Awards Events hosted in Long Beach, California. Honorees are African-Americans, African-Immigrants and/or others from throughout the African Diaspora who have been successful in their professions or chosen vocations ...And have also activated strategies for returning social capital to communities/populations in underprivileged circumstances. Each Honoree has demonstrated actions that ultimately contribute to the reduction of disparities in health, education, and/or sociology-economic circumstsnces. Every attendee at The Villager Awards is welcomed and the conversations are filled with rich accounts of inspiring life stories. The conversations are an important part of this event, and networking that ultimately leads to strategies that can be replicated, new connections/friendships, and a sense of pride in the accomplishments of each others. This years honorees include: Jimmy Carter - Engineer- Texas Instruments Inc- Dallas, Texas Dr. Phyllis Worthy Dawkins- President - Bennett College, Greensboro, North Carolina Sarah Davidson - Vice-President MyEcon Financial Literacy Services, Silver Springs, Maryland Sheba Gillis - Director, Expanded Learning /Doctoral Student - Long Beach, CA Jim Johnson - Retired Sears Retail Sales Manager - Cerritos, Ca Linda Jazz Legend Morgan - Renowned Jazz Preservist, Los Angeles, California Edwin Rose- Assistant Band Director,Texas Southern University/ Covered Treasures, Houston, Texas Janet Peterson - Retired LA Job CorpsManager- Philanthropist , Los Angeles, Ca. Valorie Thomas - Health Research Professional UAMS- Consultant in Family Caregiving , Little Rock, Arkansas Dr. Sylvia Whitlock - First Woman Rotary President- Claremont, Ca. The Women’s Auxillary Color Guard, Jackie Robinson American Legion Post 252 - Cpt. Anita Biggs Robert Bobby McDonald, renowned President, Orange County Black Chamber Returns as the Distinguished MC Of this 2019 Villager Awards!

  "Our solutions are bigger than any one profession or job. We must reclaim our interconnections and learn to freely share information with each other, and to support the success of a new generation. We must create connections and collaborations. Our goal must be to move this system in the direction of caring what happens to persons who need it the most, and we must take our place in that effort. We will find a way to make a difference!" logo